​​Providence House International Mission -pHIM-

Daughterz of Destiny

"All the days I planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old" (Psalm 139:16 NCV)

'Don't go searching for your destiny, go searching for your God.' - Dr. Tony Evans

"...the number of thy days I will fulfill..." Exodus 22:36b

Sister, you were created on purpose for a purpose!  Our God is faithful to His Word, if He said it, then it is so.  It's no mistake you are where you are today, the bible says in Psalm that all of our days were ordained for us before we were created!  Hallelujah!  Do you know who you are in Christ?  Do you know what His Word says about you?  Have you taken a moment to talk to Christ, our Lord about your life, or do you wake up and allow the world and it's manipulative ways to confuse you and convince you that you aren't where a woman your age should be in life and that you will never be more than what you are today?  Let me tell you something, the devil hates you - yes I said hate - he hates you!  His major goal is to kill, steal and destroy and you are not exempt from his ploys!! So it's extremely important that you discover exactly who you are in Christ so when the enemy creeps up on you whispering lies into your ear, you've got the Word of God hidden in your heart and you can come back at him and shut down those thoughts! You are not a mistake! You are not hated by God because of your past failures!  You are forgiven!  You are loved!  You are His masterpiece, a one of a kind creation!  I want you to know that God will never leave you - He is right here with you, helping you along the way.  You will fulfill the purpose He has for you as long as you dwell in Him, so fear not, worry not, lean into His understanding, study His Word, pray and spend alone time in His presence.  Pray for God to send you friends after His own heart, friends that will help and encourage you in your walk with Christ...not friends that encourage you to sin and drift further away from Him.  

Prayer: Father, thank You for loving me like nobody has ever loved me. Thank You for caring for me, keeping me, providing for me and promising me that my days will be fulfilled!  I love and trust You and in the areas where I'm confused, please strengthen me.  I praise Your holy name, Lord!  Have Your way in my life!  In Jesus Name, amen.

Gods calling on our lives is bigger than what we can see!